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Molecular Mixology

„The science never tasted so good.“


We are a company which is dealing with molecular mixology. Molecular mixology comes from Molecular gastronomy. It is all about changing state. From liquid state to foam, to jelly, to ice-cream, to candyfloss or to caviar.


Alcoholic Desserts

Alcoholic desserts are made from premium liquors and destilates. Untraditional and original diversification, especially celebrations, socials and parties.


Alcoholic Cakes

Alcoholic cakes are made from premium liquors and destilates. Using plant natural-gelling agents, we come up to authentic taste combination, at 100% alcohol (ethanol) preservation.
Cake from alcohol finally brings the uncommon product.

There are no borders in shapes of our products so we can make the custom-made cakes or authentic alcoholic corporate logos, in order to your wishes.

Molecular Catering

Do you need excellent and very original alcoholic refreshments for your business party? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details and price quotation.

We prepare for you:
Corporate events, parties, celebrations, garden parties, wedding parties, barman show, Molecular show, culinary specialties.

Molecular Show

We want proudly introduce to you the most modern trend in world bartending. This recent born branch combines bartending craft with scientific knowledge from food and physical chemistry.

Even though its unbelieveable, we can prepaire your favorite (long or short) drinks or shoots in unusual states of matter, like jelly cubes, smokey foam, ice-cream etc. at 100% alcohol (ethanol) preservation.


If you want to know more abouth molecular mixology, you can enter our educational training, schooling, seminaring and teambuilding. You can get up your theoretic and practical skills.


Visit our shop at Colours of Ostrava (17-20/7/2014)!

Colours 2014 plakát


Molecular Mixology s.r.o.
IČO: 61505722

Kavárna Jurcaffé club, IBC- Příkop 6
110 22, Brno
Tel.: 734 481 572
E-mail: info@molecularmixology.cz


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